National Volunteer Week 2015 – THANK YOU!

This week, Canada is celebrating National Volunteer Week to recognize and celebrate the efforts of dedicated volunteers across Canada. Femme is lucky enough to have an incredible group of hard working and passionate volunteers in many sectors that have contributed in a big way to Femme’s growth and success! 

Here, we are profiling a few volunteers whose commitment to Femme has gone above and beyond. The following volunteers have contributed to our design, research, fundraising and finances and have been instrumental to Femme’s success over the past two years. 


Ashley Meek has a background in social work and International Development, and has been helping Femme since the summer of 2013, where she conducted some monitoring and evaluation activities with our very first beneficiaries in Nairobi! In 2014, she returned to Nairobi with us to help deliver a Training program to our partners in Moshi, as well as complete in-depth M&E work in Mathare. 


Jennifer Rubli has a background in psychology and medicine, with extensive experience in running research projects. In January 2014, she traveled to Nairobi to help organize and conduct a research project with 150 girls, and continues to be a valued member of our team. In the last few months, Jennifer has taken on the daunting task of tax receipts!

“Being a woman is not a choice. For as long as humans have existed, women have been menstruating, and yet only in the very recent past has it become a development issue. Gender equality is far from a reality, and just the opportunity to finish school literally makes a world of difference. I love that with Femme’s unique, educational yet simple approach, we can even the playing field a little, if we’re lucky, enough to give these girls a fighting chance at a better future.”


James Young is a budding graphic designer who has used his talents to create infographics and images for Femme over the past two years, including our amazing logo! He consistently finds new and creative ways to help us share information in exciting ways.

“Volunteering and working with Femme International is hugely rewarding. It’s exciting to see my contributions use to further such a worthy cause!”


Derek Youdelis is a Toronto-based accountant who has dedicated countless hours of valuable time to help manage Femme’s books and accounting needs. Having Derek around to answer our many financial questions has been a much-needed resource! As of 2015, Derek has joined our Board of Directors as Accountant and Financial Adviser.

“I volunteer for Femme because I believe that everybody, regardless of sex, has a the equal right to education and to develop and achieve everything that they are capable of.”

Femme is lucky to have the expertise of so many talented individuals, and we are so grateful for their contributions! From our Board of Directors to our field staff, Femme’s team consistently goes above and beyond, and works tirelessly to ensure that the organization is delivering high quality programs to as many beneficiaries as possible, and I could not be prouder to be a part of this team. 

Sabrina Rubli

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